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The ITM school's procedure for preparedness and actions in the event of emergencies

This document is a translation. In case of a discrepancy between the Swedish original and the English version of the decision, the Swedish original will prevail.

:   Dean
Valid from:   16 august 2019
Changed from: 16 august 2019
Reference number: M-2019-0826 1.2
Responsible for review and questions: Dean

1. Purpose

The purpose of this procedure is to describe the level of preparedness for emergencies at ITM with the aim of reducing environmental impact.

2. Scope/Delimitation

The procedure applies to the whole of ITM's operations and includes preparedness for minimising environmental impact or danger to people and property in the event of an incident or accident.

3. Definitions

ITM school: School of Industrial Engineering and Management

4. Responsibility

The head of administration has been delegated overall responsibility for KTH's risk and safety management by the President under KTH's decision and delegation policy.

The Head of Safety

responsible for ensuring:

  • KTH's general preparedness for emergencies
  • That this procedure is accessible and up-to-date
  • That the necessary organisation and skills are in place regarding KTH's general preparedness for emergencies
  • That training in fire prevention and safety is offered to all employees
  • The coordination of safety efforts at KTH.
  • That reports are submitted to the head of sustainability if the environment is impacted or could be impacted negatively

Heads of schools/head of administration

Responsible for ensuring:

  • Compliance with this procedure
  • That the organisation and skills are available regarding local preparedness for emergencies

Head of sustainability

Responsible for identifying environmental hazards linked to preparedness and emergencies when identifying and reviewing environmental aspects, and must collaborate with the head of safety regarding procedural compliance.

Head ov ITM fire prevention

 is responsible for ensuring:

Departmental fire prevention managers at ITM are responsible for ensuring:

Contact with the crisis group at ITM

5. Implementation

There is a risk that various events in the form of accidents, fire, sabotage and emissions will occur at KTH and the ITM school which may adversely affect people, property and the environment.

Information about preparedness for emergencies and crises at KTH is available on the KTH intranet.

Information, crisis plans and assignment descriptions for members of ITM's preparedness organisation is available on the ITM intranet.

Preparedness for emergencies is achieved by:

  • Crisis plans  in every department
  • Systematic fire prevention, including annual evacuation drills
  • Procedures for
    • Handling chemicals
    • risk assessment for handling chemicals in KLARA.
    • flammable and explosive goods
    • waste handling in respect of hazardous waste.
  • Clear delegation concerning certain positions such as fire prevention managers, the head in charge of handling flammable goods and chemicals coordinators.
  • Means to report incidents or occupational injuries

6. Documentation

Report incidents or industrial injuries here! 

7. Appendices

KTH central:

ITM intranet:

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