Environmental management at the School of Engineering Sciences (SCI)

Here you will find information on the environmental and sustainability work of at the School of Engineering Sciences (SCI). The school draws up specific objectives and action programmes in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 and based on KTH’s overall sustainability objectives. Local procedures are in place within areas in need of detailed management. Objectives, action programmes, procedures and other relevant documentation for the ABE school are available on this page.

Environmental and sustainability work at SCI

The environmental and sustainability work at KTH is implemented centrally by the KTH Sustainability Office in cooperation with KTH’s management, school management and the management for Joint Operations Support (GVS).

At the SCI school, the Head of School has overall responsibility that the school has an organisation that ensures systematic environmental management work in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 and KTH’s operational objectives within environment and sustainable development. The work is coordinated in cooperation with the school’s Head of Administration.

Successful environmental and sustainability work at KTH is dependent on the engagement and work of all employees. Everyone must be aware of KTH’s policy on sustainable development and the sustainability objectives and know which routines and procedures affected their daily work.

Contact person for the SCI school’s environmental work

Anna Berglund
Anna Berglund
Sustainability Strategist 087908897

Environmental representatives

Environmental representatives work together with the school management to systematically support, coordinate, participate and drive the school's environmental work and environmental management system. Work as an environmental representative also includes informing and involving the schools employees in the environmental work.

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