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The Canvas function KTH Transfer to Ladok eases the examination process

Published Mar 23, 2021

When mechatronics teacher Nihad Subasic of the ITM-school realised how few courses used KTH Transfer to Ladok (T2L), he decided to show his co-workers how they could transfer grades from Canvas to Ladok with only a few clicks on the computer. The function is developed and used by KTH.

– There are a lot of good Canvas functions, and T2L is one of them. Not only since it saves your time and resources, especially for larger courses, and it is more secure. It is also user friendly and easy to learn, especially if you compare it to different tools that are more time consuming to learn.

– But the most important reason why I appreciate T2L is that I want to be able to finalise the examination process myself. I want to know that everything is in order and done correctly.

These are Nihad Subasic's views. Nihad examines 30-80 students himself and 180 students together with other teachers of the department of Mechatronics at the ITM-school.

Why do you think that more people don’t take advantage of T2L, even though there are so many benefits?

– Some teachers might not be "allowed" to use it because of their local regulations and routines. But during the discussions following my presentation, I realised that a lot of people didn't know how to use it. We need to build the skills regarding this golden function.

In what way is T2L good for you and the students in the grading process?

– Before using T2L, I let an administrator transfer the grades to Ladok. But now, we save a lot of time and resources now, and the risk of making mistakes is lower since fewer people are involved in the process.

Jokingly, Nihad says that it is impossible to make a mistake with T2L. But if a blunder occurs, you learn from it. IT-support and the Ladok support can support you and help you manage mistakes.

Nihad believes that the grading process is far more simple with the help of Canvas and T2L.

– Since the mandatory assignments are inserted in Canvas at the beginning of the course, the students can show their knowledge of the subject when they feel ready for it. Per the deadline, of course.

– My students can follow their development in the "Grades"-tab. They can see what they have missed and what they are supposed to do. They can see the grades I intend to register as a grade in Ladok. The students can then discuss and complain about this grade before I transfer it from Canvas to Ladok.

– I make it easy for my students to study, and T2L makes it easy for me to administer grades.


Good to know about KTH Transfer to Ladok (T2L)

  • To gain access to the service, you must have the profile "Result-reporting teacher" in Ladok and connected as a "certifier" for the current course.
  • Only grades included in the grading scale (e.g. A, B, P, F, etc.) that apply to the "module" can be specified and sent to Ladok.
  • In the task setting, "show rating as" you must select letter rating.
  • You can choose an existing "Grading scheme" or create your own.
  • With the help of import and export to the assessment overview, the function can be used for all grades listed in a CSV file, for example, excel files.
  • After the transfer to Ladok, the teacher or an administrator must "Clear" and notify the examiner for the course. The examiner then certifies the result in the usual way.

Learn more about grading and T2L in Canvas 

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