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Submission and assessment for examination with computers

Frequently asked questions and answers for teachers/examiners who are conducting an examination with computers on campus or other locations.

On submission of answers

How does it work if the student is supposed to hand in handwritten answers?

(Last reviewed February 23, 2023) 

At monitored examination with computers on campus

If an exam invigilator is present during the examination, handwritten solutions must be handed in as usual. The students' answers are scanned and can be imported into Canvas and then assessed digitally. Read more about Scanned exams to Canvas .

At any location

Students can hand in hand-written answers if the examiner so wishes. The examiner can even have this be a requirement for the question to be assessed (note that certain exceptions may need to be made for students with compensatory support from Funka).

The student is, in that case, asked to write their answer on paper and take a photo of their answer and upload it. Make sure that all file formats for images are permitted. The student is responsible for making sure that the answer is legible. It is highly recommended to allow the students to try uploading an answer to a practice question in the course room.

Be clear with the students about how you want the answers to be uploaded, for example if you want all the answers collected in one PDF or if you want each picture uploaded individually.

It is recommended that the students are asked to complete the exam during a given time and then, at a predetermined time, stop writing and take a picture of their exam and upload it. This process will make sure that students won’t be able to send answers to each other. This requires that all students are present for the whole duration of the exam.

There is a general instruction for the students on the page Instructions for students handing in handwritten exams in Canvas

Is late submission of parts of an assignment ok?

(Last reviewed February 23, 2023) 

It is up to the examiner to decide what is allowed for the examination in the course. It is important to communicate a policy for late submissions with students before the examination. If a student has submitted on time but failed to submit parts of the information from the examination, a common question is whether the information can be submitted at a later time, perhaps several days after the examination should have been completed?

It is generally recommended that the course's policy for handling late submissions is followed in such a situation. Even if the student has a photo/timestamp that shows that the photos were taken or the information was created during the examination period, it is relatively easy for a technically knowledgeable person to modify timestamps and proof of when documents/images are created. If the examiner still chooses to deviate from the policy and, for example, allow late submission, it is recommended that the submission be combined with a new assignment or an oral examination.

Contacting the students during assessment

Are we allowed to make a randomized follow-up contact after the exam?

(Last reviewed February 23, 2023) 

Teachers are allowed to randomly contact students when assessment takes place, a few or all depending on what suits the course. It is important to inform the students in advance about what applies to the examination. During the conversation, you and the student go through one or more of their solutions and it is best if this part is seen as part of the examination.

You are recommended to book times in advance when the students will be available for calls via phone or Zoom.

The examiner should, if the student does not respond in Zoom, make at least two attempts to reach the student during the booked time. If the student does not answer then, or the student does not get back to you, the assignment can get a failing grade.

Before the examination, the students need to be asked to update their phone numbers in Ladok.

How do you contact students via Zoom during assessment?

(Last reviewed February 23, 2023)  

It is recommended that you book times in advance for when students should be available for calls via Zoom. A good approach can be to provide several times that the students can book, so that the person who assesses the exam knows when the student in question is available. To reach a student via Zoom, search with the student's KTH ID in Zoom.

How does one call students? Where can you find the phone numbers?

(Last reviewed February 23, 2023) 

Contact information to students can be found in Ladok. Either you can get the contact information from Ladok yourself, or you can ask the School’s Office to give you a list with the contact information.

What does I as an examiner do if the student can’t give me an account of their answers?

(Last reviewed February 23, 2023) 

If the student can’t give an account of the answers they handed in, the matter will be handled according to KTH’s rules for attempts of misleading during an examination. Contact your GA or Director of Studies if you are unsure about how to go through with this.

More information about disciplinary matters

Contact and support for examination

Do you have questions about examination? There are contact persons for planning and coordinating examinations at each school, and you can also get help with digital arrangements from E-learning.

Contacts for examination