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Frequently asked questions and answers

What information have the students received?

(Last reviewed December 20, 2020)

The examiner informs the students about what applies before each examination. In addition, information for students about remote examination can be found on the webpage Remote examination on the Student's web  at KTH's web. When restrictions due to Covid-19 were news, an email (20200326) was sent to all students with information about adjustments to teaching and examinations.

Will the storage space be enough for all the exams being handed in in a Canvas course room?

(Last reviewed December 20, 2020)

Several teachers have probably seen that the maximum storage space under “Files” in Canvas is 2.1. GB. Submitted assignments are however stored in another way and are not subject to the upper storage limit that applies to “Files”.

What is examiner responsible for?

(Last reviewed March 31, 2021)

The examiner is responsible for ensuring that the examination is designed in a suitable way and can be taken from home. You can find advice and recommendations regarding different types of examination on the e-learning pages for Remote examination . You can also read more about the examiner’s role at examination that uses Zoom:

Is there a standardized way for how exams should be distributed to students?

(Last reviewed December 20, 2020)

The First and Second Cycle Education Committee recommends the use of Canvas for home examinations and so-called remotely monitored examinations.

What are the rules on reassessment of a grade on a remote examination?

(Last reviewed December 20, 2020)

Students' possibilities to demand reassessment of a grade is not affected by the way in which the examination is carried out. The schools have routines for reassessments. Examiners who are unsure about how the reassessment should be carried out can contact the school’s student office or the administration at the institution. On the Student web you find contact information to the School's offices of student affairs .

Can I download submissions from Canvas, correct them and then upload the corrected submissions again?

(Last reviewed December 20, 2020)

Yes, that can be done even though it is recommended to use Canvas Speedgrader. To do this you need to keep in mind that there is a size limit for uploading the files again, you can only upload 99Mb at a time. You can mark several files for upload, right click and choose “options” to see the size of the marked files before upload.

How is new terminology used / translated?

(Last reviewed December 20, 2020)

English "Remontely Monitored Exam" is translated to "Digital salstenta" and is used for digital replacement of monitored exams (examination outside campus with Zoom monitoring).

English "Remote examination" is translated to "Examination på distans" and is used when examination takes place outside campus.

English "Digital examination" is translated to "digital examination" and is used for examination in a computer room on campus.


Contact about examination

Do you have questions or wish to receive guidance about conducting examination?

E-mail: , mark your mail: examination guidance

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