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FAQ for examination in computer rooms with KTH Digicertus Exam

Frequently asked questions and answers for you as a teacher/examiner who will conduct an examination with computers using the central solution, KTH Digicertus Exam.

Updated 8 February 2023

KTH Digicertus Exam

From 1 December 2023, orders for KTH Digicertus Exam must be made through a form. Orders are primarily made by exam administrators. There are also fixed dates for when orders must be made before the re-exams in December and the exams in January. 

KTH Digicertus Exam: new way to place an order

What information is available for the students?

(Last reviewed 20 January, 2023) 

On the student web there is a page with information on exams in computer rooms are conducted: Examination in computer rooms, student guide . Students may need to be guided to read the page and the page information needs to be supplemented with specific information for the exam. You will find a summary of what may be relevant to inform about on the page: Information to communicate to students .

Is there support for how to set up the Canvas Quiz/Assignment?

(Last reviewed 20 January, 2023) 

The intranet's pages about Canvas contain information and guides for creating and working with Canvas. If you want personal guidance, contact .
Read more about:

How do we make sure that students who are not in the computer room log in to Canvas and write the exam from another place?​

(Last reviewed 20 January, 2023) 

The exam invigilator will have an attendance sheet as well as do an ID check on the students in the room. When assessing in Canvas, double check the list.​ If cheating is suspected, it is possible to check the logs afterwards for eg. IP addresses.​ In quizzes, it is possible to also limit what IP addresses it is possible to submit from and it is possible to activate an access code that the invigilators conveys to the students in the computer room. Read more about Settings for examining quiz .

How do we make sure that students that are not in the computer room log in to Canvas and send answers to a student in the computer room?​

(Last reviewed 20 January, 2023) 

The students only have access to Canvas and can, as with a regular exam, not communicate with students outside of the room.​ It is possible to see in logs what IP address submissions have come from. In quizzes, it is also possible to also limit what IP addresses it is possible to submit from.​ In Canvas quizzes, it is possible to set a password that is required to open the quiz. The exam invigilator writes the password on the board.​ Read more about Settings for examining quiz .

If students hand in early, how do we know that they do not submit new answers later?​

(Last reviewed 20 January, 2023) 

The assignment can be locked to only take one submission. It is also obviously in Canvas if a student has made several submissions. The assignment should be set so it is closed for assignments after the exam time has passed.

What do we do if there are technical difficulties?​

(Last reviewed 20 January, 2023) 

Always book more computers than there are students. Usually there is only one computer that has problems, not all​. If Canvas, the system for the examination does not work, contact IT-support. If all computers have troubles, contact IT support, and if it can be solved within 20 minutes you can extend the writing time with the time it took to solve the problem​. If all computers have troubles that can't be solved, schedule a new time for the examination.​

Recommended routine for technical problems

In the event of technical problems for several students, the examiner / teacher on duty is contacted to make a decision on how the problem should be handled. If one student has a problem, take it easy! Ask the student to try to log in again, then try to change the computer. If the problem is not solved within 5 minutes, contact the examiner / teacher on duty who takes the help of IT support and decides on any extended writing time for that student.

Will the computers be locked so that the students do not have access to the internet or other documents and software on the computer?​

(Last reviewed 20 January, 2023) 

It is possible to lock the computers so that students only have access to Canvas. The computers are automatically started with the lockdown and local teacher support or the invigilators check before the exam that the lockdown has been activated.​ It is recommended to restrict the navigation menu for the ordinary course room in Canvas so that the students do not have access to course material (as the course room cannot be unpublished entirely).​

How do we make sure that students can see each other's screens?​

(Last reviewed 20 January, 2023) 

Create exams with randomly selected questions or make sure that students sit with proper distance​.

Will the exam invigilators be trained to handle digital exams?​

(Last reviewed 20 January, 2023) 

No, currently only information about examinations in computer rooms is included in the training of invigilators. Invigilators are not expected to handle technical problems during examinations in computer rooms.

How does it work with scanning?​

(Last reviewed 20 January, 2023) 

Students do not scan their solutions during the exam as it is organizationally very difficult to implement in a cheat-proof way. If you want to conduct an exam with both digital and handwritten answers, it is possible to scan the exams to Canvas as with a regular paper exam and use KTH Import Exams. Read more about Scanned exams to Canvas .

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