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Exams and writings

Proctored campus exams

An examination conducted on campus in the classroom with a supervising invigilator and a touring teacher on duty. At KTH, the proctored campus exams has a long history and thus well-developed traditions regarding the implementation. This page highlights the advantages and disadvantages of a proctored campus exam and discusses when it can be a suitable form of examination.

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Partial exams (KS)

Partial exams are a form of mini exams that are often called KS (kontrollskrivning in Swedish). Partial exams can be conducted on campus as written exams or in computer rooms for those who want to use automatically assessed quizzes. It is also possible to conduct partial exams through Canvas examination rooms or in the Canvas room of the course.

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Scanned exams to Canvas

Do you want to use a campus-based proctored exam but not have to deal with the large piles of paper afterwards and do the assessment work in Canvas SpeedGrader? In the examination room for the exam, you can easily choose to import the students' written exams as assignments in a Canvas Assignment with the help of the function "KTH import exams". You can control the settings for the Assignment in Canvas and then effectively assess the exams as regular digital submissions.

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Exams in computer rooms

Have you developed a digital examination that you want to carry out with supervision on campus? Then you can use a computer room or ask the students to bring their own computers. Here you can read about what applies to the different ways to conduct an exam on a computer on campus with supervision by an exam invigilator.

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Contact about examination

Do you have questions or wish to receive guidance about conducting examination?

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