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The Assignment function in Canvas

Graded assignments are a must in all courses and can come in many forms, such as essays or web design. Assignments in Canvas can be adjusted to them. You can specify how grades are displayed, which submissions are allowed, due dates and much more.

Create assignments

When students are to perform a graded task in a course, it is good to have an “Assignment” for it in Canvas, even if the assessment is not performed in Canvas. 

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Availability period and due date

In order for students to be able to submit an assignment, Canvas has to know which students are going to have access to the assignment, and when they should have it. There are three date and time settings that handle the availability and due date for an assignment.

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Peer review

Submitted assignments in Canvas can be distributed to one or more students in the course room for peer feedback with the peer review function. The students get access to the same tools that you as a teacher have when assessing and the student who receives peer feedback sees all feedback. If you as a teacher want to assess the peer feedback, it is possible, but requires some extra work.

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Settings for examining assignments

A step-by-step guide to create an assignment with good settings that make the examination easier to handle. Among other things, you enable anonymous assessment so that both the person being assessed and the one doing the assessing are hidden from each other, and you arrange so that the result from the assignment can easily be transferred to Ladok with the help of the function "Transfer to Ladok".

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Organize assignments / quiz for examination

Assignments and quizzes have different advantages. How you choose and organize your assignments/quiz for your examination depends on how you want to carry out the assessment work and handle the examination after the students have submitted. You will on the following linked page find information on how to to handle teachers' common methods for how the examination should work in the assessment process.

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