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List of open KTH courses

This page shows a table of all KTH courses that are open, from Spring 2019 onwards. The purpose of the table is to collect and make available the courses that teachers have chosen to publish openly so that students and interested parties can find and take part in the content of the courses.

Change the visibility of your Canvas course

In Canvas, you as a teacher or course coordinator can choose how visible your course should be: only for registered students, for those with a KTH account or public to everyone.

Open or closed course

About the table

No special selection has been made of the course rooms shown in the table. The rooms are only curated by the course coordinators themselves. You can sort courses yourself by filtering through the headings and the up / down arrows. The degree of openness for the course is stated under the heading "Visibility":

  • "Public": the course content is also visible to those who do not have a KTH account
  • "KTH": the course content is only visible to those who have a KTH account


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Last changed: Apr 29, 2021