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Examination rooms to be inspired by

To make it easier to get started with the structure of your examination room, E-learning has collected examination rooms in Canvas to be inspired by. The rooms are copies of their original versions, are created by teachers and staff at KTH, and show how information can be given to students in different types of examinations.

About the examination rooms listed

The examples of examination rooms are gathered to provide inspiration and suggestions on how you can structure your examination room. The examples are collected from different schools at KTH and make an attempt to represent different types of examinations that are done in examination rooms. In the rooms you can see examples of home exams and examinations in computer rooms, with and without handwritten answers.

Note! These examination rooms do not necessarily follow all the recommendations from E-learning in detail but are examples of inspiration.

Be clear towards the students

A well-structured examination room means that the students feel more secure before their examination, and do not have to ask as many questions to the examiner or other responsible persons.

Some aspects to consider:

  • Have clear information for the students about what applies before, during and after the examination. Read more about Information to communicate to students .
  • Make it easy to find the assignment that students are going to do. For example, set modules as the home page, and put information in a module and the assignment in another module.


Degree project courses in Canvas

​Are you looking for inspiration for how you can use Canvas in your degree project course? The pages Degree projects in Canvas  give you tips on how to deal with common challenges with degree project courses.

Examples of examination rooms in Canvas

The example rooms are copies of their original rooms. To get a better picture of what the examination rooms look like for students, you can choose to join the course by clicking on the button "Join this course" in the menu to the right. You must be logged in to join a course.

Example 1: Clear information for remote examinations

Examination room example, DD2352 (Canvas)

  • Clear information on the start page divided into before, during and after the examination.
  • A Zoom room is open for drop-in for questions during the examination.

Example 2: Good preparation for examination in a computer room with lockdown and handwritten answers

Examination room example, ML1504 (Canvas, Swedish)

  • Clear information about how students should log in for examination in a computer room with lockdown.
  • Modules are used to require students to read instructions and code of conduct before accessing the examination assignment.
  • Students have access to a test assignment ("Test exam") that shows what the examination will look like
  • Students submit handwritten answers for some of the questions that are assessed in the assignment "Campus exam" after scanning and importing.

Example 3: Quiz for examination with lockdown

Examination room example, EI1120 (Canvas)

  • The home page contains information about the design of the examination with tips for the students to avoid mistakes.
  • The examination consists of quizzes that use different types of answer formats.