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Give access to material in Canvas with KTH Digicertus Exam

When you want to give access to course materials during the examination, it is important to plan in Canvas for this. Continue reading to learn how you can prepare the examination room and facilitate the opening of new windows with relevant material.

Access to Material During the Examination

If you want students to use course materials such as lecture notes, course literature, or similar, you need to prepare the examination room for it. You need to enable students to open the material in a new window and ensure that the material is accessible.

Enable Opening a New Window

By creating a link, you can enable students to open new windows in the Safe Exam Browser and thus access material outside the examination room. The services you can link to are limited by a "whitelist", a list of approved addresses. The following services are possible to link to:

  • Other Canvas pages, such as a homepage or a page with material
  • Möbius (LTI)
  • Torus (LTI)
  • Snowflake (LTI)
  • Matlab Grader (External service)
  • Octave Online (External service)

To open a new window in the Safe Exam Browser, it is easiest to create a so-called module link. In a module, add an external URL that links to an allowed page according to the whitelist. Learn more about how to create a module link on the page "How do I add an external URL as a module item?" ( .