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Restrict access to unauthorized material in Canvas with KTH Digicertus Exam

During KTH Digicertus Exam, the computers are locked, but since other parts of Canvas are accessible, you as the designer of the examination need to restrict access to specific items. You can also set limits so that students who are not in the computer room cannot access the examination task. Read more about how to prevent access to materials in Canvas and how to act if you suspect cheating.

Check access to other parts of Canvas

The lockdown solution for examinations in computer rooms restricts students' access to specific parts of Canvas during the exam. Consider how other information in Canvas should be limited. Read more about Locking down computers

Limit access to other parts of Canvas 

Since students also have access to other course rooms, lockdown may need to be complemented to prevent access to course materials, such as regular course rooms (if examination rooms are used) and previous course rounds. This is easily done by hiding these options in the navigation menu in the room's settings.

Learn more about how the navigation menu works on the page about how to change the Navigation settings . Make sure to do this as late as possible before the exam, and inform the students that they will not have access to course materials.

Restrict access to the quiz outside the room 

During exams in computer rooms, you may want to ensure that only students in the room have access to the assignment to avoid unauthorized participation. This can be done in two ways in a quiz.

  1. Require a password to open the quiz and only share the password in the room.
  2. Restrict the IP addresses from which the quiz can be opened.

In case of suspected cheating 

If you suspect that a student has engaged in cheating, such as unlawfully obtaining information from other parts of Canvas, there are tools available to review user activity. This can be done by examining logs that record the pages the student has visited. There is no possibility to review logs on a large scale and monitor all students' activity; this is only done in rare cases when there is strong suspicion of cheating.

If you suspect cheating, contact IT support for further assistance.