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Using Ouriginal standalone

If necessary, you can use Ouriginal independently, outside of Canvas. Mainly, it is suitable for degree project courses. Learn more about how it works.

In some exceptional cases, such as ex-job courses, there is a reason for you as a teacher to use Original's plagiarism checker outside of Canvas. There are two ways to do this: via the "Webinbox" function or by emailing your analysis address.

Variant 1: upload via "Webinbox"

To perform a plagiarism review of a document with the Ouriginal Webinbox, please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Log in to the Webinbox via Ouriginals log-in page  by choosing your institution, i.e. "Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan".
  2. Create a folder for your activity (e.g. the master/bachelor thesis). You create a folder via "+ create/upload" in the menu and then "Create Folder".
  3. Open your newly created folder and upload the document to be checked for plagiarism. You upload the document via "+ create/upload" and then "Upload files". You can choose to upload one or multiple files.

The document is now sent to be checked for plagiarism. Once the plagiarism control is finished, you can see the report by clicking on the document in Ouriginals Webinbox and then choosing the "Open Report" button. 

Variant 2: email to analysis address

Instead of uploading documents to Ouriginal, you can email documents to your analysis address at Ouriginal (the email address ending in "").

You can see your analysis address by logging into Ouriginal and clicking on your profile in the top right. The analysis address is directly below your name.

More information can be found in Ouriginal's own guides:

Guide to Webinbox (pdf)

Submissions to Ouriginal by email (pdf)

If you don't have an analysis address

If you lack an analysis address entirely, try logging out and logging in again. If you still lack an analysis address, it may be because you are not registered as a teacher with Ouriginal. For help creating an analysis address, contact . Describe what role you have and why you need access to the tool.

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Last changed: May 23, 2023