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Registration and voting is open for the autumn term's Storträffen Meet up.

Students at the centre

Students working together in a group
Published Nov 09, 2023

Registration and voting is now open for the autumn semester's Storträffen Meet up - Student in the centre. This meeting is mainly in Swedish.
Monday 4 Dec, Time:12.30-16.30

Creating a favourable environment for learning

Welcome to an inspiring journey through the future of higher education! We invite teachers, staff, students, researchers and university management to this autumn's Storträffen Meet up that explores the core of everything we do - the student. With a focus on learning environments, vibrant campuses, innovative teaching methods, diverse forms of examination and the exciting opportunities and challenges offered by artificial intelligence, we have dialogue and co-creation about the future of students. Whether it's about including people with disabilities, promoting sustainable development and gender equality, contributing to the transformation of society and industry, or taking further steps into the world of digital education, the Storträffen Meet up is, as usual, designed to broaden your perspective on higher education, network and have a great time. So let's put the student at the centre and shape tomorrow's learning together."

Vote on themes when you register

Vote on the themes you want to discuss up until the 27th November, and then the registration link will be open as long as spaces are available.

"Please note that the thematic vote is only for planning purposes so that the Storträffen Meet up committee knows which table discussions are most popular. You do not commit to anything."

Click on the "Register & vote here button" below to go to the voting and registration page:

Register here  (In Swedish)

Keynote speaker is Tomas Ekholm - KTH's pedagogical prize winner 2022


Tomas Ekholm, a senior lecturer in mathematics at KTH's School of Engineering Sciences, has been awarded the KTH Pedagogical Prize 2022. He is known for his ability to create a rewarding atmosphere in his lectures and for his pedagogical skills. Tomas believes in captivating students, creating interest and telling a story during teaching. He emphasises the importance of being well prepared and that teaching reflects the students' desire to learn.

KTH's pedagogical prize

KTH's pedagogical prize  is awarded to teachers at KTH for outstanding achievements at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level. The prize of SEK 20 000 is awarded annually to one or two people to be used for travel for improvement in the subject.

THS report "A chair is not a study place"

Maja Rosén Head of Educational Influence and Eric Forsell Study Environment Manager have written the report "A chair is not a study place". The lack of available study places has a negative impact on students' mental health and performance. This relationship has been recognised by THS, especially during the pandemic. It was also confirmed in a student survey in spring 2023. The THS report "A chair is not a study place" on study places for self-study is available here Report - A chair is not a study place  (In Swedish)

They will talk about the report in table discussions in the Priority group Self-study places for students.
Can also be read or downloaded as a pdf by scanning this QR-code.

QR-code En stol är inte en studieplats
QR-code En stol är inte en studieplats

Approximate times for Storträffen Meet up

12.00-12.30 – Name tag and sandwich lunch in the Q-house

12.30-13.15 – Introduction in Q1

13.25-15.30 – Discussion rounds, 3, 30 minutes each, with a coffee break between rounds 2 and 3.

15.40-16.30 – Summing up, closing and looking forward in Q1

16.30-18.00 – Aftertalk in the nearby reactor hall R1  (limited number of seats, we will close the registration in the form if/when it becomes full for R1).

Exact times, as well as the content of the rounds, will be sent to registrants at the end of the week before the meeting, and published here. Storträffen meet up - Students at the centre

Bring a colleague / fellow student

If you are used to attending the Storträffen Meet up, please help us by telling your colleagues and fellow students to attend, and how they can get involved. Every year new ones join in thanks to close leaders/managers/colleagues etc. encouraging them to come along.

What is the Storträffen Meet up?

  • A well-attended and active meeting place, for everyone at KTH, regardless of role and position, which is arranged once a semester, in Swedish in the autumn and English in the spring.
  • An arena for discussing, developing and evaluating everything concerning KTH's education at all levels, such as teaching, training, learning environments, educational support, educational monitoring and student influence!
  • A half-day meeting starting with lunch and introduction in plenary, followed by three rounds of discussions/demonstrations/workshops/try-outs, with all themes voted by the participants. And then we conclude in plenary with a summary and look ahead.
  • Coordinated and developed by the Department of Learning (ITM).
    How it links to so-called PriU groups is described in more detail here

Link to Priority (PriU) groups

PriU groups are school and cross-functional working groups formed around thematic areas of development. Read more about the link between Storträffen Meet up and PriU groups in the Storträff meet up calendar article below.

Storträffen Meet up - Students at the centre

Welcome from the Storträffen Meet up committee, convened by Vice president for education Leif Kari and coordinated by Viggo Kann, Anna-Karin Högfeldt, Elizabeth Keller and Sara Nyberg.


If you would like to come in contact with us please email