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New advanced education courses in spring 2023 at KI for KTH teachers

Published Nov 10, 2022

A special agreement applies to advanced education courses within the Stockholm Trio University Alliance, which means that teachers at the three universities have the opportunity to participate in each other's advanced education courses free of charge, subject to availability.

Stockholm Trio advanced courses in Higher education pedagogical development.

Advanced education courses in higher education pedagogy, resources for pedagogical development and teacher conferences. All this and more when the higher education pedagogical activities within the Stockholm trio university alliance work together to strengthen the development of teaching and support the universities' teachers in their professional development.

Places left in Karolinska Institutet's spring 2023 advanced courses

Right now there are 3 courses for you as a teacher, can enroll in for the spring from KI

Summative Assessment

The goal of this course is to increase your awareness of how to create summative assessments to measure student learning. The course also aims to stimulate a reflective approach to teaching and learning.

Read more and register for the course here 

Formative Assessment

The aim of the course is to support you as a university teacher/supervisor in developing your ability to design and implement formative assessments that support student learning.

Read more and register for the course here 

Pedagogy for doctoral supervisors

This course aims to develop an understanding of doctoral student learning and of the pedagogy of the doctoral supervision process.

Read more and register for the course here

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