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Communication and collaboration

The communications department at ABE works with internal and external communication and supports you as an employee when you have information and news you want to spread.
Do you have an exciting research result that you want to spread? Have you opened a new research centre or project that needs a website, or do you need help communicating your event? Here you will find examples of what we can support you with.

Support for your communication

Contact ABE Communication and collaboration

​The communication department at ABE is responsible for the school's communication.

Contact us if you need help and support:  

Josefin Backman
Josefin Backman communications officer 087909416 Profile
Franziska Sperling
Franziska Sperling administrative coordinator 087908656 Profile
Johan C Thorburn
Johan C Thorburn communication officer 087908655 Profile
Johanna Bernhardtz
Johanna Bernhardtz communications officer 087909492 Profile
Jonatan Järbel
Jonatan Järbel communication officer 087906848 Profile
Lisa-Mee Swartz
Lisa-Mee Swartz administrative coordinator 087909474 Profile