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KTH's communication is not solely intended for the world to be aware of us. It also contributes to strengthening the KTH brand. It is mainly in the daily contact with various interested parties that the image of KTH is communicated; in letters, e-mails, presentations, folders and digital channels etc. For this reason, it is highly beneficial if everyone contributes to sending out the same image.

Our visual identity is a valuable asset and strength when we want to create visibility for KTH to our stakeholders. Both logos and names are trademark protected and can therefor only be used according to current guidelines: KTH's visual identiy guide / graphic manual

Here you will find more information, guidance and inspiration on how to communicate with the outside world as an employee at KTH: KTH Intranet: The KTH brand

As an employee of the ABE school, you can always contact the ABE school's communications officer if you have questions about KTH's visual identity or other related communication:

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Last changed: Sep 12, 2022