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Plan your content

Your task as a content owner is to create valuable and accessible content for your readers. Here you can learn how to plan your content and guidelines for web publishing.

When you wish to add new content to the web or work on an existing page, you need to plan your content. 

Checklist for publishing on the web

  • Target audience: who is the page aimed at?
  • Objective and purpose: what should the visitor do when they read the page?
  • Primary message: what should the page communicate?
  • Language: should the page be in both Swedish and English?
  • Page title: clear headline that sums up the content.
  • Subheadings: highlight the most important elements of the content.
  • Introduction: summarises the page by putting forward what is most important.
  • Images: connected to message and text.
  • Next step: what is the visitor’s next step and what pages should there be links to?
  • Editor/content supervisor: who should manage updates and who should be responsible for the content?
  • Backup for content: who is the backup in case of absence?

You can also download the checklist:

Checklist for web publishing (pdf 121 kB)

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