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Recruitment of technical, administrative and service personnel

On these pages you will find information on how to start a recruitment for technical, administrative and service personnel as well as templates and support for the entire recruitment process from start to finish. Contact HR at your school to start the recruitment process. In most cases, recruitment permits are required when recruiting technical, administrative and service personnel.

Start of the recruitment process

The recruitment process will begin by strategic personnel planning where KTH's quantitative and qualitative staffing needs are planned. The recruiting manager in collaboration with the HR at your school carries out this planning prior to the start of a new recruitment process and develops an employment profile / requirements profile that is incorporated into the recruitment permit. In most cases, recruitment permits are required when recruiting technical, administrative and service personnel. All recruitment matters are handled via KTH's recruitment system Varbi.

Why recruitment permit?

The recruitment permit is for KTH to be able to fulfil its obligations under the Employment Protection Act (LAS § 25) and agreements on turnover arrangements for the employee within the state (TurA-S), as well as for the priority rights for part-time and former employees. The Director of Personnel , GVS can deny a recruitment permit.

Furthermore, the recruitment permit is the tool used to define and highlight the needs of the organization and is a governing document in the ongoing recruitment process from advertising, selection and interviews to follow-up and evaluation.

 A Recruitment permit is required if

  • The employment is planned to exceed six months
  • all permanent employment shall have a recruitment permit, regardless of the extent of the employment

Apply for a recruitment permit

  • Fill in the recruitment permit together with your schooll´s HR
  • The recruitment permit should be collaborated locally and your school´s HR is responsible for this
  • Upload the application for a recruitment permit in KTH's recruitment system and apply by clicking on "request certification" - HR at your school´s HR is responsible for this
  • The HR at GVS processes the recruitment permit and returns with the Director of Personnel´s decision.

Keep this in mind when filling out the recruitment permit

Focus should be placed on the beginning of the recruitment process in order to produce a well-elaborated recruitment permit (requirement profile). When completing the recruitment permit, think carefully about what is required for the current position in terms of work duties, education, experience, skills and personal skills. What is needed in order to perform well and to thrive and succeed in the role?

In KTH's recruitment system Varbi, you can select the personal competencies you have chosen for your employment profile / recruitment permit / advertisement and get an interview and reference template with a list of questions for the selected competencies. Here you can read more about interview techniques and find current templates.

Competency-based recruitment (CBR)

KTH has chosen to use the competency-based recruitment method (CBR). The method involves working in a structured way with a focus on recruiting the right skills in relation to the needs of the organization and assessing the personal competences of applicants in an equal and qualitative way. The CBR method includes, amongst other things, working with structured interviews. Contact your school´s HR for more information about competency-based recruitment and for support in the organization and execution of structured interviews. Here you can read more about the competency-based recruitment method (CBR).

If you want to learn more about competency-based recruitment (CBR) and structured interview technique, register for one of KTH's courses.