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Storträffen meetup Spring 2024: The relevance and quality of education at KTH.

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KTH's (Royal Institute of Technology) Faculty Council emphasises the importance of university-wide exchange and learning as part of the systematic quality work. To strengthen the exchange of experience and continuous quality development of our programmes, the Storträffen meetup is arranged every semester for all staff and students. This Storträffen meetup will be entirely physical and largely in English (in plenary and in several discussion groups).

Time: Tue 2024-05-14 12.00 - 16.30

Location: Q huset

Language: English & Swedish

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Welcome to an inspiring afternoon about KTH's programmes and teaching.

Welcome to Storträffen VT-24. As usual, the spring term's Storträffens meet up on education at all levels invites all teachers, students and staff at KTH. New and experienced participants are welcome. The opening and closing is in the plenary in Q1 where the Dean and others welcome you and KTH's pedagogical prize winner gives an introductory lecture. Most of the afternoon is devoted to group discussions in the practice rooms of the Q-house. At the spring semester meeting, the main language is English in the plenary sessions, and many group discussions are also held in English.

Vote on themes when you register

Vote on the themes you want to discuss up until the 7th May, and then the registration link will be open as long as spaces are available.

"Please note that the thematic vote is only for planning purposes so that the Storträffen Meet up committee knows which table discussions are most popular. You do not commit to anything."

Click on the "Register & vote here button" below to go to the voting and registration page:

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Quality assurance in education

"University-wide exchange of experience and learning is part of the systematic quality work at KTH" as mentioned in the latest steer document on quality assurance in education.The guideline with the registration number V-2023-0867 is available in Swedish on Publication of policy documents

Keynote speaker for Storträffen meetup Spring 2024

Farazee Asif leaning against a railing
“An important component of my teaching is that the students see a common thread in terms of what, why and how it is taught,” says Farazee Asif, winner of KTH's Pedagogical Prize. Photo: Magnus Glans

“An important component of my teaching is that the students see a common thread in terms of what, why and how it is taught,” says Farazee Asif, winner of KTH's Pedagogical Prize. Photo: Magnus Glans

Keynote speaker Farazee Asif the Pedagogical Prize winner 2023

Farazee Asif, a Docent in Circular Manufacturing Systems, has been engaged in research and education since joining the Department of Production Engineering in 2006. Specializing in Circular Economy, his focus includes modeling and simulating complex systems for resource conservation in Circular Manufacturing Systems. Additionally, he serves as the coordinator for the international M.Sc. program in Production Engineering and Management, taking on responsibilities for courses like Circular Manufacturing Systems and Quality Control.


“Dr. Farazee Asif is nominated to the KTH Pedagogical Prize in 2023 for demonstrating excellent pedagogical skills in teaching through designing and successfully running the course: MG2043 Circular Manufacturing Systems  (CMS). The course integrates theories and practices developed by the instructors, showcasing industrial applications for a tangible link between theory and practice. As the architect of the CMS framework, Asif contributes significantly to the course's knowledge base. Aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 12, the course emphasizes responsible consumption and production, aligning with KTH's commitment to sustainable development education. Student-centric and highly aligned, it encourages a team-driven learning environment with flexible learning approaches, fostering peer reviews and multiple feedback opportunities, ensuring equitable learning outcomes.

Read more on the about the KTH pedagogical prize and Dr. Farazee Asif prize winner 2023 “Students' ideas can become spin-off companies”

KTH's pedagogical prize

KTH's pedagogical prize   is awarded to teachers at KTH for outstanding achievements at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level. The prize of SEK 20 000 is awarded annually to one or two people to be used for travel for improvement in the subject.

Priority Issues working Groups (PriU)

The priority groups (PriUs) are organised around specific individual themes and meet during the year to deepen discussions and the development of ideas. All interested staff and interested students are welcome to participate in the PriU-groups.
​​​​​​​Read more about the active Priority groups here (In Swedish)

Welcome! Dean of Faculty & Storträffen Meetup Committee

Sofia Ritzén
Sofia Ritzén
dean of faculty/professor, dean of faculty, professor +4687909182

If you would like to come in contact with us please email