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About the salary review

Published Jun 14, 2019

The joint information, issued by KTH and the relevant unions, contains valuable material for all KTH employees about the 2019 salary review.

This joint information describes what applies to all KTH employees regardless of union affiliation. In addition, there is specific information from each union for those who are members.

This joint information provides a good picture of the salary review process, what the salary dialogue will consist of and how best to prepare for it. Routines in connection with the salary review are described for each union and there are links to the documents that apply to the 2019 salary review, for example the salary criteria that now apply to all KTH employees. Every year, minor adjustments are made to the material, which is why it is important to always check on current information.

Joint information from KTH and the relevant unions concerning the 2019 salary review

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Last changed: Jun 14, 2019