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Code of Conduct for employees and fellow workers

At KTH we work for a better future by improving society and identifying smart solutions to current and future challenges. We are at the service of humanity for the society of tomorrow[1]. The KTH value platform2 is based on equal opportunities and takes a stand against all forms of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and victimisation. This is a quality issue.

HR Policy and Value Platform

This Code of Conduct complements existing legislation, agreements, regulations, internal rules and guidelines. It is based on the HR Policy3 with guidelines established by the KTH Board on 11 June 2018. The Code is a guide and a tool in day-to-day, ongoing operations at KTH. Its purpose is to create a good working environment4 and to clarify employees' responsibilities and what is expected of every employee and fellow worker. Being a KTH employee and fellow worker must be based on KTH basic values, which in turn are based on the joint value platform for all government employees. Well-developed teamwork, leadership and management are prerequisites for well-functioning operations.

As a KTH employee or fellow worker, I agree to the following:

  • I always lead by example, use a professional approach in meetings and in my communications. I treat all employees, students and other collaboration partners with respect and consideration, regardless of gender, gender identity or expression, religion or other belief, social background, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity or age.
  • I understand the importance of a good working relationship with my colleagues and with my manager and I take responsibility for my working tasks, my work and its quality.
  • I contribute to, and work consciously for, a good working climate. I react and inform my immediate manager, another manager, the HR function, the health and safety or union representative if I perceive that there is discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment or victimisation among my colleagues and/or students. I am aware that my contribution to the work for a good working climate may affect my individual salary level and/or career development.
  • I am aware that discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, victimisation or offences against the KTH basic value platform and KTH guidelines may result in disciplinary action and in extreme cases to a police report and/or dismissal from my job or connection with KTH.
  • I respect the fact that my immediate manager, as employer representative, has the responsibility to lead and distribute the work of the relevant employees within the framework of the conditions prevailing at our workplace and within our research.