If your work permits, you may have the opportunity to work from home. The employee should then sign an agreement on teleworking every year. The manager approves and decides how the work should be presented.

Teleworking usually refers to working from home (the employee's residence). As an employee, you must be able to get to work within normal setting time if the employer requires it.

If you need to work from home or from another location, there are different resources and rules of conduct for teleworking. You should sign an agreement which is submitted to your immediate supervisor for approval. The form is available in both word format  and PDF format .

Specific information due to Covid-19

On March 16, 2020, the Public Health Authority (Folkhälsomyndigheten) recommended those in the Stockholm area who can work from home temporarily, to do so. If the nature of the work tasks permits it, employees should work from home after consulting with their nearest manager. A agreement is not required for temporarily work from the home, under the current circumstances with the spread of Covid-19. An agreement between the manager and employee is made on an ongoing basis.

Temporarily work from home is usually carried out at the employees residence (the same applies during agreed teleworking). If the employee and the manager, in order to limit the spread of Covid-19 in the community, agrees that the work may be carried out somewhere else, temporarily, for example, at the employee's holiday house, a setting time must be set.

In the case of temporarily workning from home (as during agreed teleworkning), the contracted work injury insurance only applies if the work is carried out at the employees residence. In the case of teleworking in a location other than in the home, the employee's own insurance cover applies.

Rules for teleworking

Teleworking may only comprise a part of the work week, maximum 60% of the weekly work duration. Teleworking should be voluntary and be based on a written agreement between the employee and KTH. It should also identify how and when the employee can be reached, for example, for external contact or by colleagues.

Connection to KTH’s wireless network

If you need to access internal resources from home, or if you are travelling, you can read more on the IT department’s website about Citrix KTH-Desktop and about Eduroam which is a wireless network shared by, among others, universities around the world. Eduroam is also located at certain hotels and airports.

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