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The contents of the crisis folder

Every function of a school's crisis management team should have an easy-to-access physical crisis folder. Here you will find information on what the crisis folder should contain.

What the school's crisis cover should contain

A school's crisis management team consists of the Head of school / equivalent, the Head of Administrationa, the HR manager and the Educational Administration Manager. Each of this functions should have a paper folder, easily accessible with the following information:

  1. A printed copy of the instruction “The Head of the School's responsibility for crisis support to employees and students”, including checklists.
  2. Lists with contact information to the persons who are part of the School's crisis management team and of their substitutes.
  3.  List of contact information to key persons within the school, such as communicator, director of flammable goods, infrastructure manager, lab manager, chemical manager, safety representative, radiation protection officer, etc.
  4.  Contact information of the school's employees. Keeping such a list up to date can be difficult. It is important to have a current list of managers' contact details. The managers must in their turn keep a current list of the employees that are part of the management area.
  5.  List of contact information to the school's international coordinator (s), who, on the impulse of Enheten för Internationella Relationer at Avdelningen för utbildningsstöd (University administration), can match information about the school's incoming and outgoing students.
  6.  Regarding information about outgoing employees on business trips or employees who have a planned business trip to a given destination: KTH's crisis management team receives, from KTH's agreed travel agency, information on employees who are abroad on business trips and information on employees' planned trips. KTH's crisis management team provides the schools with this information. The schools look for and inform employees at the destination and the employees who have a business trip planned to the destination.
  7. Notebookpapers for documentation: Date, time, event, who is affected, efforts, responsible, how / when to follow up.
  8. Information on how to contact the occupational health care and the student health care.
  9. Information on how to contact KTH's security manager and HR-director.