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The school's crisis management team

Here you will find information on which functions should be represented in the school's crisis management team

Mandatory positions in the school's crisis management team:

  • Head of School/ equivalent
  • Head of Administration
  • HR Manager
  • Educational Administration Manager

Depending on the art of the crisis or the incident, the Head of School / equivalent decides whether further functions are to be included in the crisis management team. Those could, for example, be:

  • Communicator
  • Director of flammable product
  • Chemicals responsible
  • Laboratory responsible
  • Infrastructure responsible
  • Other competence

The Head of School / equivalent should appoint substitutes for him / her self and other functions participation in the crisis management team in case of absence. The Head of School should also provide enough of resources and authority for the assignment.

The Head of Shool / equivalent has the responsibility to provide the Head of Security of KTH with accurate contact information to him- / herself, the Head of administration, the HR manager and the Educational administration manager.