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Guided Tour at KTH Campus

Learn about KTH's activities and zeitgeist by taking a guided tour of art, architecture and history on KTH Campus. Book a tour with one of KTH's own tour guides.

An arch in a brick building. in the background are large brick buildings.
Photo: Petter Karlberg
Photo: Petter Karlberg

How to book a guided tour

To book a guided tour on (KTH) Campus, you need to contact an optional guide and arrange time, location, language and possibly decide on what content to put focus on. The guide usually wants to know a little bit about the group who's going to be shown around. The tours are free of charge.

All guides are KTH employees and are therefore only available at certain times.

You're welcome to book a tour at:

Our guides and languages


Nele Stoffels

Swedish and English:

  • Anna Hamilton
  • Fredrik Liljeblad
  • Hanna Sundelin
  • Anna-Lena Martin

English and Portuguese:

Elizabeth Keller


Sebastian Meyer


Anna-Lena Martin

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