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Guided tour at KTH Campus

Learn about KTH's activities and zeitgeist by taking a guided tour of art, architecture and history on KTH Campus.

An arch in a brick building. in the background are large brick buildings.
Photo: Petter Karlberg


Photo: Petter Karlberg

The guides and language


  • Nele Stoffels

Swedish and english:

  • Anna Hamilton
  • Fredrik Liljeblad
  • Hanna Sundelin
  • Anna-Lena Martin

English and portoguese:

  • Elizabeth Keller


  • Sebastian Meyer


  • Anna-Lena Martin

The guided tours are for group of guests of employees at KTH, school classes and various organizations.

If you are thinking about studying at KTH and wish to take a tour of KTH Campus, you will find more information on the website for studies .

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact  . To book a guided tour, please fill in the form below.

All guides are employees at KTH who work with other things at the university and are giving tours as time permits. Guided tours take place during office hours, non-holiday weekdays at 08-16.30.