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"There was no way to get your opinions heard in the past"

- Kristina Höök on the EECS Faculty Board

Kristina Höök, member of the EECS Faculty Board.
Kristina Höök, member of the EECS Faculty Board.
Published Apr 04, 2024

In January 2024, KTH introduced the school faculty boards. We talked to one of the EECS members, Kristina Höök, about why she applied for the board, why we need it and what issues she will pursue.

How did you come to apply for the EECS Faculty board?

"I belong to the older generation at KTH. I have management experience and have worked here for a long time, so I felt I could contribute. There are three main things I want to pursue. Firstly, gender and diversity - KTH has talked about this since 2012, when I started, and the statistics have not changed. Another thing is New Public Management, which I am firmly against. Everything should be evaluated and controlled through forms and routines - this lacks respect for the faculty's competence and autonomy."

"The third point is sustainability. KTH's researchers have the knowledge and innovative power to benefit students, society and industry. The Faculty Board can help create processes, interdisciplinary centres and education on sustainability issues."

Why do you think we need a Faculty board?

"Governance through collegiality is a tremendous asset. The faculty board makes it possible to listen to and engage the faculty in creating the best possible conditions for KTH."

What issues are you talking about right now?

"We have had good meetings where we have discussed collegiality, which is a central aspect of making decisions together. The last meeting was a workshop discussing which values are important for EECS. We identified six key areas: excellent education and research, good working environment, diversity, financial stability and fair distribution of faculty funds, as well as collegiality and good communication."

What will you prioritise in the first year?

"We will work on improving the identified values and collecting better data to make more informed decisions."

Who are you, and what do you do when you are not on the board?

"I am a professor of interaction design focusing on soma design, which means designing for and with the body and mind as a whole. Besides, I ride Icelandic horses and enjoy spending time with my grandchildren - I live a good life."

Further reading

The values identified by the EECS Faculty board

  • Excellent education with broad and deep courses that use cutting-edge teaching methods and attract students and good teachers at all levels.
  • Excellent research that should be at the forefront of the school's research areas, covering topics needed for society and industry and addressing sustainability.
  • Good working environment, such as a good work-life balance, having fun at work, having offices and classrooms that reflect the organisation, opportunities to develop and improve. 
  • Gender, class and cultural diversity
  • Financial stability and fair distribution of faculty funds.
  • Collegiality and relevant support/infrastructure where we strive for good communication between faculty and management and between faculty and administration.