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Summary of All employee meeting (AEM)

29 September

Head of School Sonja Berlijn
Published Oct 04, 2022

Did you miss AEM on 29 September? No worries, here comes the summary and presentation. Head of school Sonja Berlijn informed, among other things, about the ongoing organisational and social safety rounds, the development plan for Kista and the autumn term's admission statistics.

The meeting was broadcast from the Ingrid Melinder hybrid meeting room on campus with colleagues on-site and via Zoom. From 8:00, coffee was served with breakfast rolls for those hungry.

Here you can read a summary of the meeting's points. For more in-depth information, you can download the presentation.

Organisational and social safety rounds

During the autumn, the school organises the organisational and social safety rounds, to which you and your unit or division should have been called. During the AEM, Sonja talked about the organisational and social work environment (OSA) and how it is part of the work in the systematic work environment (SAM). She also went through how the safety rounds are carried out.

The development plan for KTH Kista

Next, Sonja went into the development project for KTH Kista and what is happening there. Among other things, the new centre Stockholm Senseable Lab has opened its doors, and the Semiconductor Research Center will soon follow. 

Furthermore, KTH Library's physical library in Kista will be moved to campus Valhallavägen at the beginning of next year.

KTH Kista is under development

EECS admission statistics

Sonja reviewed the school's admissions statistics. For example, we have admitted 1581 students, of which 322 are paying. You can see more statistics in the presentation.

Admission statistics (Swedish)

News from the departments

Before the meeting, the school's departments had sent in their news, which Sonja went through. You can see their highlights in the presentation.

Choose the correct financial approver

Sonja mentioned that it is vital that you choose the correct financial approver when you make travel bills and expense reports. Several participants commented in the chat that it is challenging to choose the right one, as Sonja comes up as the first choice. The acting finance manager Anette Arling commented that work is underway to improve the system.

Travel bill

Information from IT: group e-mail addresses

An IT project is underway to clean up old group e-mail addresses. The school has 8994 unique group e-mail addresses (funktionsadresser). Out of 8994 addresses, 8354 addresses have received zero mail during the first half of 2022. You can read about the project's next steps in the presentation.

New programme director

Sonja drew attention to the fact that the third cycle education programme, Information and Communication Technology, had a new program director, Masoumeh Ebrahimi - big congratulations!

Energy prices and rental costs

Energy and electricity prices are expected to be high this winter, and EECS and KTH are currently investigating the consequences. Among other things, AH (Academic House) has announced a significant rent increase to KTH of approximately 19 per cent (SEK 80 million). You can read more in the presentation about what we at EECS are doing to manage this.

Next AEM October 27

We will then be in the VIC studio  on the KTH campus. From there, Sonja will broadcast live. From 8:00, a breakfast sandwich will be served at a first come first served basis. You choose between participating on-site or digitally.

AEM 27 October

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