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Jamf Pro – management of KTH Mac

KTH Mac is based on the IT management system Jamf Pro (formerly Casper Suite). It can handle support, updates and software installations for your Mac at KTH. Here we describe what it is and how it affects your Mac.

Introduction - What is Jamf Pro?

Jamf Pro - Management System for macOS

Support, updates and software installations for your KTH Mac.

Jamf Pro from JAMF ( is a software suite for managing Apple macOS computers and iOS devices.

With Jamf Pro, IT staff can maintain a high and proactive level of support for users and Apple devices. This includes installing, deploying and updating operating systems and software, managing security updates, printers, deploying settings and installations for computer labs as well as special needs for individual users. We can also get inventory of computers and applications, receive reports from clients and quickly provide the remote support regardless of where the end user is located.

With the Jamf Pro suite, end users get access to a self-service portal in the KTH Self Service program, which can be found in the Applications folder (/Applications). With this the user can install, among other things, applications that KTH offers via site license agreements. Via KTH Self Service, you can also get settings, printers and updates. The user chooses when it is appropriate to install.

What are the benefits of a desktop client with Jamf Pro installed?

  • Reliable: Your computer will receive the latest updates and upgrades without delay, with little or no effort from you.
  • Efficient: You don't need to spend time on administration or installation of your computer yourself, because it is handled in the background via Jamf Pro.
  • Flexible: You can always decide for yourself where and when you want to install new software or maintain your computer via the self-service portal.
  • Secure: IT staff handle security updates for your computer, you don't have to keep track of security holes yourself or how to best protect yourself against them.
  • Privacy: Your own data is and always remains confidential: no personal files are copied, read or moved from your computer. All performed actions are logged.
  • Legal: Your computer always meets the license requirements that KTH sets and has agreements for on all software that we install.

How does Jamf Pro work?

The Jamf Pro suite consists of a server, JAMF Software Server (JSS), a small piece of software ("agent") installed on the macOS computer, and a Mobile Device Management profile that is installed on macOS computers and iOS devices to ensure that it is the right server and the right client talking to each other. 

The client on a macOS computer periodically contacts the server and checks if there is any new software or update that should be installed. The clients also report if they are missing an update. The client takes up about 2KB of network traffic and 0.1% CPU. Once a day, the client sends an inventory report to the server, this takes an average of 30 seconds. All communication between server and client is encrypted.

On portable clients, the user can install software himself via the self-service portal KTH Self Service.

What information does Jamf Pro collect?

On computers owned by KTH, we collect the following data:

  • hardware specifications
  • installed software
  • pending software and security updates
  • installed and connected printers
  • local user accounts
  • active services

How is the Jamf Pro framework installed?

At the time of purchase the Apple device is marked as part of KTH. This makes the device connect the JSS server at the time of unboxing and starting the device and begin the framework installation.

It is also possible to install the framework via a web enrollment.

A school, department or person who is interested in macOS support and wants to join Jamf Pro, contact .

How do I uninstall the Jamf Pro client?

Staff who want to uninstall the Jamf Pro client contact the IT department,

What devices are supported and managed?

The Jamf Pro suite supports macOS 10.14.4 and later and iOS 12 and later.

KTH manages KTH both macOS and iOS devices. All newly purchased Apple devices are connected to Jamf Pro unless otherwise requested.

How do I know if my computer/device is connected to Jamf Pro?

First of all, look for the KTH Self Service program in the Applications folder and/or in the Dock.

What is KTH Self Service?

KTH Self Service is a application is installed in /Applications. Doubleclick KTH Self Service clicking and a window appears not unlike Apple's App Store. Here you get access to software, printers, settings, etc., that KTH offers. KTH Self Service gives users the opportunity to choose what and when they want to install.

Available applications are visible in the middle section and a number of categories are in the right margin. For information about the application, click on the information button marked with an "i". If you want to install, click "Install". The program is immediately downloaded and installed on your computer. 

KTH Self Service is managed by the IT department's mac staff. If you are missing an application you think should be in KTH Self Service, please contact .

Is KTH Self Service available outside the Campus?

Yes, KTH Self Service works outside the networks on the KTH Campus. KTH Self Service works from all networks, but depending on network speed and type of connection, the time for installations may vary.

How does the Jamf Pro client affect my Mac?

On a macOS computer, the following is done:

  • Jamf Pro installs KTH Self Service in the /Applications directory.
  • An MDM (Mobile Device Management) profile is installed /Applications/System Preferences/Profiles/ to establish the encrypted connection with the JSS server.
  • A small piece of software ("agent") in the form of a binary is installed at /usr/sbin/jamf. This communicates with the JSS server according to a schedule.
  • A local management account with administrative rights is created for the scheduled tasks. The account is not visible in the user interface, and only the server knows the unique randomly generated passwords. SSH is enabled for this account only.

For a complete list of what is installed and where, see JAMF Software: Components Installed on Managed Computers.

How do I install software on my computer?

Most software is installed by the user himself via KTH Self Service. There may be times when, upon request or as needed, the IT staff can remotely install certain software. IT staff will not install software without the request of the user or department/school.

Who has access to my computer?

A few selected and trained employees in the IT department have access to Jamf Pro Management and thereby access to the computer for support and installation. All logins to the computer via Jamf Pro are logged.

Do I still have admin rights on my Mac?

Yes. There are no automatic changes for local administrators on individual Macs that connect to Jamf Pro.

More information

Our idea of Jamf Pro is not to prevent users from accessing their computer in any way. We do not want to lock down the system or make work more difficult by removing user permissions in any way. On the contrary we want to help end users to be able to help themselves quickly, for example by making installation flows transparent and giving users the opportunity to choose which software they want to install and when they want to do it.

If you have questions or concerns about Jamf Pro, please contact .

With Jamf Pro, you can do things yourself with your computer that previously required a visit to support, but of course we assist with personal help when you need it. We can also give remote support via common support applications
Contact us via e-mail, , telephone +46 8 790 6600 or visit KTH Entrance.