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Here you will find information and instructions to use your Mac efficiently in KTH's IT environment.
It is for you who use a Mac at KTH, both the KTH Mac version and your own.

macOS Ventura

macOS Ventura logo

Apple's annual major macOS system upgrade, this year called Ventura, was released October 25, 2022. It is the continuation of Apple's path towards all devices using Apple's own processors.

Changes and news

  • Better security: changes that make it easier to use the computer in a safe way, including key management
  • Stage Manager: create your own view with apps and windows and bring it between your devices
  • Collaboration: share image libraries, browser tabs and more.
  • Facetime: Transfer a FaceTime call from one device to another with just one click.
  • Freeform: a digital whiteboard, where you can share files and insert links, documents, video and audio.
  • Universal Control: use the same mouse and keyboard on your Mac, extra Mac and iPad.

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Compatible computers

macOS 13 significantly tightens the hardware requirements compared to previous macOS. Many new features require a powerful processor to be used.

Mac mini: 2018 and later

Mac Pro: 2019 and later

Mac Studio: 2022 and later

iMac: 2017 and later

iMac Pro: 2017

MacBook: 2017 and later

MacBook Air: 2018 and later

MacBook Pro: 2017 and later

The fact that a computer is compatible does not mean that all new features can be used. Many new features make use of the functionality and capabilities of the more modern Apple processor.


Since 10.14, macOS uses the APFS file system, with a higher level of security in the file structure and greater demands on the applications. This requires preparing your computer for the upgrade:

  1. Check your hard drive or SSD before upgrading the system so that it is complete and has enough space (at least 36 GB left). If you upgrade from a macOS version before 10.13, the upgrade will convert the file system and file structure of your Mac to APFS.
  2. Make sure your computer has a current backup (TimeMachine or Code42) of your computer so you can get back your data if you run into problems.
  3. Update all programs BEFORE you upgrade. The actual updating binaries for many programs may be incompatible with macOS 12.0. See point 4.
  4. Check that the programs are compatible with the system - 32-bit programs will not work. Check with > "About this computer"> System report> Software> Programs, column "64-bit yes / no". Additional incompatibilities may occur, check the manufacturer's website. This also applies to plugins for various software.
  5. Uninstall old programs BEFORE upgrading. See point 4.
  6. To upgrade takes time, often an hour or more. Do the upgrade when you have time to be without the computer for a while.

The computer labs run macOS 12.6

All Mac computer rooms in building 43:3 (Turkos, Violett, Konst and Musik) run macOS 12.x with local home directory and access to AFS and Windows home directories. Read more here: Your home directory in the Mac labs  

The iMacs in the computer labs have USB-C ports only. If you need to use USB-A port for a computer lab session or for personal data storage, you therefore need an adapter.

Oracle Java was removed 1 Jan 2019 due to new license model

Read more at Oracle Java is removed from Mac at KTH

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