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The Personal menu is updated on 3/5

The update of the personal menu is entering its final phase

Published Apr 14, 2023

The Personal menu updates on May 3. The updates aim to make it easier to meet the needs of our various user groups.

The "Studies" and "Teaching" tabs are new

The most significant change means that instead of the "Courses" tab, you as a user can now have two tabs: "Studies" for the courses you study and "Teaching" for the courses you teach. The respective tab is not visible if you are not studying or teaching.

In the gathering of requirements for the Personal menu, it was clear that students and teaching staff have different needs when working with KTH's courses. Needs are easier to meet in two separate menu tabs instead of one.

Image showing The tab Courses splits into Teaching and Studies
The tab Courses splits into Teaching and Studies

User feedback has been valuable

The development of the new Personal menu is an iterative process. In stage 1 of the beta period, valuable feedback was received from users who tested the system. Development time has been spent fixing what was judged to need fixing.

The older version can be used for a while longer

The older version of the Personal Menu will be usable for a while longer to ensure that no important functionality can have been missed. You can still go back to the old version by clicking the ‽ button in the upper corner and then "Deactivate".

A picture showing on how you can revert to the old version of the personal menu
Go back to the old version via the button

Read more about the development of the personal menu at the page Launch in three steps .

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