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Video captioning

When the video recording and editing process is complete captions should be added, in accordance with the DOS-law. After adding captions, the video is ready to be published. When creating video captions, KTH provides a tool called Reach. Reach is a module within KTH Play (Kaltura).

Caption in KTH Play

Here we describes how to order, review and correct machine-generated captions of a video with the help of the Reach module in KTH Play. When the captioning is complete, the video has been supplemented with a caption that can be selected in KTH Play's video player.

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Transcript widget in KTH Play

Automatic real-time captioning not recommended

Currently, KTH recommends creating captions afterwards rather than using software programmes with real-time captioning capabilities. This is due to poor accessibility as the end result.

Captioned videos can be made more accessible by activating the Transcript Widget in KTH Play. It will automatically generate a searchable text version of a captioned video in a text box below the video. The widget can also be embedded on the web with Polopoly or in Canvas.

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Guide: Translate captions 

You can manually translate captions for a video by using its SRT-file, a file that contain the caption text and the associated timestamps. This page explains all the steps to downloading and uploading the file to KTH Play and how to translate the captions.

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