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Captioning in KTH Play with Reach

Here we describes how to order, review and correct machine-generated captions of a video with the help of the Reach module in KTH Play. When the captioning is complete, the video has been supplemented with a caption that can be selected in KTH Play's video player.

Machine-generated captioning with the module Reach in KTH Play

You order your video to be machine-generated captioned by clicking on the "submit" in the Reach module after you have uploaded your video in KTH Play . The captioning takes some time, depending on the length of the video.

Set aside time to manually edit the machine-generated captions. You always need to review the captions and compare them with the audio. You may also need to adjust the formatting, such as line length or the time stamps. The captioning is done in either Swedish or English.

When the video is captioned, the viewer can choose their preferred options, such as font size, font, and text background.

Do you need to translate an already captioned video into another language? Read the Guide: Translate captions .

About the captioning service Reach

The captioning service (Reach) is activate and open for all employees at KTH as of autumn 2020. The price for the captioning service is 7 euros per hour of video material. Support Services (VS) at KTH will manage the costs for captioning at the present time.

Step-by-step guides

Below you will find links to step-by-step guides on how to caption a video with the Reach module in KTH Play. The guides are available in both video and text format.

We recommend that you start to learn how the captioning tool works by ordering machine-generated captions for a shorter video and correcting it.

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