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Order catering on time

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Published May 25, 2023

Our procured restaurants and cafés have busy days in May–June. Please place your order at least a week in advance and keep track of holiday times, so everyone can be happy and satisfied.

KTH's catering suppliers have a lot to do in May and June. Consequently, please place your order at the service center at least one week before delivery.

In addition, you need to keep track of the suppliers holiday periods this summer. Weeks 27–30, no procured catering is available.

Holiday closed:

Syster och Bror, 3/7–30/7 (week 27–30)
Taste (Q), 1/7–16/8 (Week 27 to mid-Week 33)
Fågelängen, 1/7–31/7 (week 27 to Monday week 31)
Stories, around 6/19– around 8/17, (week 25 to mid-week 33)

Enjoy your gathering!

Belongs to: Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM)
Last changed: May 25, 2023