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Learning the art of citation from each other

Published Mar 10, 2021

What are the key success factors to become highly-cited or getting noted by Altmetric? In a series of articles, we’ll meet a handful of ITM researchers with a lot of citations and high scores in Altmetrics. What are their best tricks?

Portrait of Hatef Madani.
Hatef Madani

Last year Hatef Madani, Impact Leader at the ITM School, looked over how the school could contribute to improve the overall KTH ranking. There are many criteria for ranking universities, but his conclusion was that among dissemination and citations there were plenty of room for improvement.

“We realized that getting better at publication strategies and improving citations is a low hanging fruit”, Hatef says.

ITM has a lot of competent people, and we need to learn from each other, he explains. In a series of articles, we’ll meet a few ITM researchers who will share their experience of scientific impact.

“All of us can learn something new and get better in this field. These researchers are good at getting citations and high scores in Altmetric. I’m eager to hear what their tricks are.”

“In the long run I hope that we will learn how to improve communicating our research findings as a part of our mindset and working culture”, Hatef says.

The article series start 18th of March in the newsletter.

About Altmetric

Altmetric is a tool that will keep track on who’s talking about your research. All researchers at KTH have access to this tool. Read more on  or talk to KTH Library.

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