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The new captain of Södertälje

Magnus Wiktorsson, Professor and new Head of the Department Sustainable Production Development.
Published Apr 01, 2019

By April 1, Kristina Palm will leave her position as Head of the department Sustainable Production Development and hand over to Professor Magnus Wiktorsson.

Magnus has a long experience from research as well as teaching and leadership. The journey began at KTH more than 20 years ago with a Master of Science and doctoral studies, continued to private and public business, Vinnova and later Mälardalen’s University. At KTH Södertälje, he arrived a bit more than a year ago and now he is ready to advance to the role as Head of the department.

What will change when you take over as the Head of the department?

— Unlike Kristina's time at the department, the objectives are a bit vaguer from now on. Kristina’s focus was on establishing our new campus - with everything that came with it. Now we need to define new common, clear objectives and strive for an organization where everyone shares the responsibility to reach where we want.

Where will Södertälje be in five years?

— By then, we are naturally established here in Södertälje and have an attractive education. We have a balanced mix of research and education with a clear focus on sustainable production development, but are open to new ideas. Our strength lies in the industrial collaboration and must be visual in everything we do.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

— I'm thoughtful. In addition to it, I am curious, ambitious and eager for new knowledge.

Magnus Wiktorsson's research in production logistics will be run in parallel with the role as Head of department, but the largest commitment will be in bringing the institution and KTH Södertälje towards new destinations.

Facts about Magnus Wiktorsson

Lives: In Sollentuna with his wife and two sons, 16 and 18 years old

Age: 47 years

Hobbies: Exercising like running and cross-country skiing, outdoor activities and rebuilding house and summerhouse

His research: Is about how complex systems for productions logistics can be described. The digitization of all processes and the need for transformation into environmentally sustainable production are two key issues in his research

Contact: Read more about Magnus Wiktorsson and contact him here