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Pountus Braunerhjelm elected as chairman of the government's new Entrepreneurship Committee

Published Apr 03, 2014

The Swedish Government will today appoint an Entrepreneurship Committee with the task of reviewing corporate tax rates and conditions to start, operate, develop and own businesses in Sweden.

Entrepreneurship Committee will take a holistic approach towards the prerequisites for entrepreneurship and enterprise. The aim is to strengthen the business climate, promote entrepreneurship and innovation, facilitate the provision of skills and improve the opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship Committee deals with issues which I have devoted my research for the past decade. I have had an ambition to raise these issues to the same scale as for example the tax burden in general, government spending and monetary policy. I see this as a confirmation that we are on the right track, says Pontus Braunerhjelm.

You can read more here in a debate article in Swedish Finance paper Dagens Industri (in Swedish)

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Last changed: Apr 03, 2014