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Service Center

The staff of Service Center at an indoor balcony in Sing Sing.

Service Center is the entrance to all help, service or advice, you can always ask your question, fault reports regardless of character.

Service Center serves you within several areas


Phone: 08-790 9366
Fax: 08-790 7900

Visiting address expeditions

Lindstedtsvägen 30, floor 2
Brinellvägen 68, Expedition Nord

Telephone deliveries

08-790 8200
Indicate the above phone number for the larger package / pallets that can not be delivered in the expeditions. Service Centers do not handle chemicals.

Opening hours

Service Center

Matter sent to  will be answered:

Monday - Friday 8:30-16:30
Day before public day 08:30-12:00
Public day & bridge day - closed


The student offices will be completely closed December 21–March 31, due to the pandemic.

Do you need to pick up or drop off packages or exams? Please call:

Nord 790 82 00
Sing-Sing 790 78 61

(After Januray 24: Monday - Friday 9:00-15:00
Day before public day 08:30-12:00
Public day & bridge day - closed) 

Belongs to: Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM)
Last changed: Feb 11, 2021