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Accessibility in teaching

Everyone benefits from accessible teaching, but for students with disabilities accessibility is a must. The minimum requirements for digital teaching at KTH are to meet the requirements of the law about accessible digital public service (the DOS law). Here, you as a teacher will find information and tips on how to adapt your material to be accessible.

Learn digital accessibility in three hours

Digital accessibility means that everybody – regardless of disabilities – can use our digital services and websites. Now there is a Canvas course for you as an employee.

Course in digital accessibility

The law about accessible digital public service

Lack of accessibility is discrimination

Physical and digital teaching both have accessibility requirements that need to be met to avoid discrimination. Your students will appreciate it if you try to follow the requirements, even those outside your responsibility as a teacher. If you discover deficiencies, don't hesitate to contact your immediate manager about how to handle them.

Lack of accessibility in the field of education (Swedish,

The requirements for digital accessibility mainly come from the law about accessible digital public service (the DOS law), which came into force on September 23, 2020. For you as a teacher, this means that your material must meet all relevant accessibility criteria. The law applies to public websites as well as intranets and non-public websites, such as KTH Social and Canvas.

For a more detailed explanation of the DOS-law, read Digital accessibility - requirements and opportunities .

Accessibility tips

For you who are a teacher and work in Canvas, there are some things you can do to create more accessible content for your students. Many of the tips are good to keep in mind for any type of information that is published on the web and on digital platforms.

Accessibility tips

FAQ about accessibility

Here we have collected a few of the most frequently asked questions, and their answers, about accessibility and Canvas. The page is based on the questions we've recieved from teachers at KTH.

FAQ about accessibility