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Intended learning outcomes – how to formulate them and work with them in Canvas

Documentation from Lunch 'n' Learn 8 September 2021

Published Sep 09, 2021

Outcomes-based grading criteria must be introduced on all KTH courses with a graded grading scale, according to the KTH president's decision. So how do you create a good intended learning outcome and how can the goals be implemented in Canvas? Here is the documentation (links and video, in Swedish) from the Lunch 'n' Learn webinar on intended learning outcomes, grading criteria and the Canvas feature that can be used.

About the webinar

The theme of the presentation this time is intended learning outcomes, outcomes-based grading criteria and the use of intended learning outcomes for follow-up or assessment in Canvas. The webinar is in Swedish.

During the presentation, you will learn more about:

  • What components are needed to create intended learning outcomes.
  • What a good intended learning outcome can look like (example).
  • Outcomes-based grading criteria in relation to intended learning outcomes.
  • Examination with learning outcomes.
  • Intended learning outcomes in Canvas.

Table of contents for the video

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About the course administration tool

Note: You must be logged in as a teacher or examiner in Kopps to access the tool. In the tool, replace XXnnnn with your course code.

Here is a list of links that serves as a table of contents. Click on the link to the part you want to watch. When you get to KTH Play, click on the play button and the video will start in the right place. Please note that the video in KTH Play is in Swedish.

What is a good learning outcome? (KTH Play)

Different perspectives on examination (KTH Play)

Outcomes-based grading criteria (KTH Play)

KTH instructions on grading criteria and Course PM (KTH Play)

Intended learning outcomes in Canvas (KTH Play)

"Related links" lead to web pages where you can read about the corresponding information presented in the videos.


Hans Havtun (Associate professor, ITM, KTH).

Ulrika Nykvist (Educational developer, Digital Learning, ITM, KTH).

Short course for KTH teachers on developing learning with grading criteria

If you want help to practically work on intended learning outcomes and grading criteria, we recommend the course LH216V Develop the Learning by Using Grading Criteria 1.5 credits , which all KTH teachers can join. The course aims to make it easier for teachers to introduce grading criteria in their courses.