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Settings in Canvas

Your account and your courses can be configurated in Canvas to better suit your needs. Here is an overview of the different settings you can change.

Course settings

Course settings gives you as a teacher the opportunity to configurate your course. Most of the settings will already be set when you get access to your course room, but there are some settings you can change.

Read more about how to change your course settings .


If you want a breakdown of what has happened in your course room for the past week, want to know immediately when students submit their assignments late or just want to turn off notifications and the emails you receive from Canvas, then you might need to look at your notification settings.

Read more about how and where to update your notification settings .

Account settings

You can access your Canvas account through the global menu and change settings that apply only to you. Your profile, contact information, language settings for Canvas and different feature options.

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Open or closed course

In Canvas, you as a teacher or course responsible can choose how visible you want your course to be: Only visible for registered students, for users with KTH accounts or Public (open for everyone).

Read more about how to change your visibility settings .

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