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General checklist

This checklist lists things that can be good to check in Canvas once in a while, but is not tied to a specific course room.

A summary of the checklist

The following points are addressed on this page:

  • Choose your favourite courses.
  • Choose a profile picture and update your profile.
  • Adjust your notifications.
  • Ask the students.

Choose your favourite courses

Adjust which courses are visible on your dashboard by favoriting courses based on your preferences, current semester, period or something else. You can still find all your courses under “Courses”. 

How do I favorite a course? (


When courses are shown, you can choose a nickname that is only visible to you. How do I give my course a nickname? ( 

Choose a profile picture and update your profile

Choose a profile picture that you feel represents you. Students will be able to see your picture when communicating with you in Canvas, as well as under “People”.

Also update your profile with a short text about yourself. The students can read this if they click on your name in Canvas. 

Recommend your students to also update their profiles. 

Read more about updating your profile on the page about Account settings .

Adjust your notifications

To ensure that the communication from Canvas reaches you, you can adjust your notification settings and the contact information for your Canvas account.

Read more about how to change your notification settings .


Show your students how to adjust their notification settings. 

Ask the students

Do not be afraid to ask for your students’ opinions on the course. Is it easy to find course material? Is something about the course arrangement hard to understand or confusing? Have an open conversation with the students about their digital classroom, and listen to their suggestions on improvement. 

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