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A sandbox is an empty Canvas room where you as a teacher can try out different things and functions in Canvas without it affecting any students. The sandbox is your individual room and is useful for developing your course, as you easily can move the completed work to another room in Canvas.

Get your own Sandbox

You, as an employee at KTH, can have your own empty canvas room/Sandbox where you can try things out in Canvas without if affecting your courses. The Sandbox is empty when you get it, except for six fictive test students, that you can use to try out creating groups etc. in Canvas.

If you want to create a Sandbox, please contact

Import a template to your Sandbox

If you want your Sandbox to look like a course room or examination room while you practise, you can import an already made template to your Sandbox. You can locate the KTH templates by searching “kth template" in Canvas commons. Select the template you want to use and click on the “Import/Download”-button, select the room you want to settle the template in and confirm your choice.

For a more extensive guide: how to download a template from Canvas Common ( .

The material is now downloaded to your Canvas room, together with the material you already have created. You can edit the material, so only the material that is relevant for your course is saved.

Develop your course in your Sandbox

As a teacher, it might be a good idea to always create the structure of your examinations in a Sandbox. This gives you an opportunity to let colleagues test your assignment and give feedback on it. Also, it lets you make sure that the assignment works the way you want it to without accidentally publishing the material for your students to see. Read more about how you invite colleagues to your sandbox .

When you are done with the material for a course or examination in your Sandbox, you can easily transfer it from the Sandbox to a Canvas course room or examination room.

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