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Handling of approved leave from studies

When an application for an approved leave from studies has been submitted to KTH, the handling of the case should take place according to instructions available in KTH’s steering documents. Please find below a process model which shows the measures taken, starting from the student applying for an approved leave from studies, receiving information on the decision and up until the student returns to his or her studies.

Handling of cases concerning approved leave from studies for programme students on the preparatory level, First and Second Cycle education.

Flow chart

Handling of cases concerning approved leave from studies for students on the preparatory level, first and second cycle education (pdf 50 kB)

Follow the activities in the flow-chart. The number connected to each activity refers to the activities listed below.

Activities - application

Click on each activity for a detailed description.


The student has submitted an application for approved leave from studies

1 Register and check the application  (Registrar or administrator at a school)

If supplementary information is required

2 Handling supplementary information  (Administrator at a school)

3 Formulate a proposal for the decision according to the template  (Administrator at a school)

4 Make a decision  (GA/PA)

5 Document the decision to grant an approved leave from studies in Ladok  (Administrator at a school)

If the decision of approval regards a tuition fee paying student

6 Send a copy of the decision of approval to  (Administrator at a school)

Partial result

The student is not invoived, and thereby not suspended due to unpaid tuition fees

7 Inform the student of the decision, register and close the case  (Administrator at a school)

Results in

The student’s application has been approved or rejected and the case is closed

Activities - appeal


The student submits an appeal of the decision (due to rejection)

8 Process an appeal according to routines stipulated in KTH’s regulations  (Administrator at a school)

Results in

The student is notified

Activities - return to studies


Approved leave from studies is about to expire

9 Report a return to studies  (student)

10 Study planning with study counsellor  (student)

If the case requires investigation before a return to studies

11 Investigate solutions to a problem  (Administrator at a school)

If resolved, see activity 12, if referral to other guidance – the student is referred to  for counseling or other kind of support

12 Make course packaging/Course Instance available  (Administrator at a school)

13 Inform the KTH Admissions Office  (Administrator at a school)

Results in

The student has applied for and registered in a course and thereby returned to studies

Guidelines and steering documents

Chapter 7. Section 33. The Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100) (Sveriges riksdag)

Instructions for the handling of appeals of decisions (SWE)


Decision templates and Information appendix: Application for approved leave from studies

Information on approved leave from studies directed towards students

During a programme apporved leave and non-completion of studies

Management of the process

Process owner

Process leader


For more information contact the process leader