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Lyssna på 52 exjobb i ett svep

Foto: Unsplash
Publicerad 2023-05-26

Nu är det dags för våra masterstudenter i bioteknik att presentera sina exjobb – och du kan vara med och lyssna! 1–5 juni kan du ta del av forskning som handlar om bland annat kapplöpningshästars gener, dricksvattnet i Stockholm och bondbönor.

I tre dagar pågår presentationerna av de totalt 52 exjobben. Logga in på Zoom eller var med på plats på SciLifeLab eller AlbaNova. 


Torsdag 1 juni

SciLifeLab, BIG, Alfa3, Tomtebodavägen 23A

Zoom-länk (SciLifeLab)

09.00–09.45: Development and validation of an analytical method for the determination of beta-antithrombin

10.00–10.45: Development of affibody-antibody based prodrugs

11.00–11.45: Affinity maturation of Affibody molecules targeting T Cells

13.00–13.45: Mutational analysis of Affibody molecules in library format

14.00–14.45: Antibody-peptide mass fingerprinting (PMF) with matrix assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI), time of flight (TOF), mass spectrometry (MS) and protein peptide mapping (PPM) with capillary electrophoresis (CE)

15.00–15.45: Analysis of fertility-related proteins in dried blood spot samples

AlbaNova, FD41

Zoom-länk (AlbaNova, FD41)

9.00–9.45: Targeting of cancer tumours using domain antibodies for in vivo visualization and drug conjugation

10.00–10.45: Developing a new protocol for antibody-PNA conjugation in one step

11.00–11.45: Selection and characterization of calcium dependent proteins against the breast cancer marker HER2

AlbaNova, FB54

Zoom-länk (AlbaNova, FB54)

13.00–13.45: Enzymatic hydrolysis of faba bean & oat protein emulsions 

14.00–14.45: Exploring the diversity of family GH16 enzymes appended to family CBM92 carbohydrate binding modules 

15.00–15.45: Protein engineering for improving binding site affinity of polysaccharide cross-linking domains utilized in hydrogel formation 

16.00–16.45: Comparing and quantifying the environmental impacts of novel and conventional hydrogels through a life cycle assessment

AlbaNova, FB51

Zoom-länk (AlbaNova, FB51)

09.00–09.45: Cryopreservation of pancreatic aggregates in BioSilk networks 

10.00–10.45: Growth on glycerol as sole carbon source 

13.00–13.45: Cell wall-derived oligosaccharides for plant protection using subcritical water extraction 

14.00–14.45: Generation of a VP library and selection strategy for isolation of second generation AAV-chimeras for improved secretion/targeting

15.00–15.45: Particle analysis of northern Stockholm’s drinking water – treatment process and distribution network 

16.00–16.45: Viral reduction using ultrafiltration membrane

Fredag 2 juni

SciLifeLab, BIG, Alfa3, Tomtebodavägen 23A

Zoom-länk (SciLifeLab)

10.00–10.45: Profiling the blood proteome in autoimmune disease using proximity extension assay 

11.00–11.45: Spatial multiomics analysis of spaceflight mouse brains 

12.00–12.45: Detecting plasma biomarkers in patients with venous thromboembolism using proximity extension assay 

14.00–14.45: CRISPR activation of cardiovascular disease risk variants 

15.00–15.45: Investigating the genetics of racing performace horses 

AlbaNova, FB41

Zoom-länk (AlbaNova, FD41)

13.00–13.45: Heterogeneity in Adeno-Associated Virus Production 

14.00–14.45: Towards understanding of NK-cell culture based on gene expression information 

15.00–15.45: Modeling of amino acid influence in CHO cell culture processes 

16.00–16.45: Real-time monitoring of antibodies for automated perfusion bioprocess purification

AlbaNova, FB51

Zoom-länk (AlbaNova, FB51)

9.00–9.45: Investigation of enzymes for degradation of rest products in waste streams 

10.00–10.45: Quantification of DNA nanoballs using image processing techniques

11.00–11.45: Production and characterization of fungal cell wall compounds in relation to the induced immunological responses 

11.45–12.30: Food loss valorization for the production of active food packaging

13.00–13.45: Assessing the potential of volatile fatty acid and biomethane production from blackwater in comparison with non-separated municipal wastewater and food wast

14.00–14.45: Future sludge management from a sustainability perspective 

15.00–15.45: Phosphorous recovery from wastewater treatment sludge by biological releasing and chemical precipitation 

16.00–16.45: Development of a wastewater-based early warning system for detection and spread of disease agents

Måndag 5 juni

SciLifeLab, BIG, Alfa3, Tomtebodavägen 23A

Zoom-länk (SciLifeLab)

09.00–09.45: Insulated metabolic exchange for sustainable agriculture and biotechnology 

10.00–10.45: Introduction of PPi-dependent phosphofructokinase (PFK) in Cupriavidus necator 

11.00–11.45: A new method to generate emulsion droplets for applied epigenomics

13.00–13.45: Machine learning-assisted image analysis and metabarcoding for monitoring of plankton in the Baltic Sea 

14.00–14.45: Investigating the ozone effect on Escherichia coli 

15.00–15.45: Identification of biological markers for STH in postpartum depression 

AlbaNova, FB41

Zoom-länk (AlbaNova, FD41)

8.00–8.45: Developing a background-controlling immunoassay on suspension bead array technology 

9.00–9.45: Serum protein biomarker assay development – a complexity reduction challenge 

10.00–10.45: Generation of induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes in FN-Silk 3D scaffolds 

11.00–11.45: Mapping genomic heterogeneity in neuroblastoma using spatial multiplex FISH labeling 

13.00–13.45: Generating and exploring patient-derived microglia-like cells from anorexia nervosa 

14.00–14.45: Evaluation of a time-gated Raman probe in perfusion cell culture

15.00–15.45: Determining the influence of amino acids on the glycosylation pattern of the IgG, herceptin from CHO cell lines

AlbaNova, FB51

Zoom-länk (AlbaNova, FB51)

09.00–09.45: Anaerobic growth of thermophilic geobacillus 

10.00–10.45: Drug testing in a FN-silk network model of breast cancer 

11.00–11.45: Sortase coupling strategy for partial NMR protein labelling