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Continuous competence development of the teaching role

KTH offers teaching staff (teachers, doctoral students or supervisors) competence development for teaching and assessment in various forms. The development offerings range from courses in various formats, KTH-wide or school-local collegial meetings in networks/teacher teams, support activities such as workshops or individual supervision, and self-study with web resources. In addition to what KTH offers, KTH employees can also take part in the offerings at Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University within the framework of the Stockholm Trio.

KTH's competence development goals for teachers

"Continuous competence development for the teaching role" is one of the principles in the framework for the change programme Future Education at KTH. The principle is concretised in KTH's operational plan for 2023–2025 (section 2.7) and establishes KTH's goal that all teaching staff must have a documented individual competence development plan in 2024.

The development offer

Web resources

Education support – start here

Support for employees working with KTH’s education.

Education support

Digital tools

Information and guides for the digital tools that KTH uses for educational activities.

System support for education

Learning activities

Support to design your learning activities, digital and location-based, synchronous or asynchronous.

Learning activities


Support, advice and guidelines for examinations at KTH courses.



 Teacher, doctoral student or supervisor? Whatever your role, you are offered courses in higher education pedagogy to help you develop your professional practice. The course offering consists of Qualification Course for Examiners  in Canvas and courses in higher education pedagogy as well as continuation courses and resources within Stockholm trio.

Range of courses offered teachers at KTH

Storträffen (Peer conferences) and network meetings

KTH Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

SoTL is a collegial method for teachers to develop their teaching based on current research and knowledge about learning in higher education. The purpose of the SoTL conference is to stimulate KTH teachers to develop their teaching and learning by researching, documenting and sharing their educational efforts.


Storträffen Meet-ups and PriU-groups

Once a semester, the Vice President for Education invites staff and student union representatives to large meetings that address priority issues for KTH's education. Through various groups for priority issues for education (PriU groups), you can actively participate in and drive development ideas in specific areas.

Arenas for Educational Development and Networking

Workshops and support sessions

Contacts to education support at KTH

In the calendar below, you can find the dates for the start of courses in higher education and other professional development activities such as conferences, workshops and support sessions.

KTH's development calendar for teachers