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Support with purchases

Sometimes, it can be hard to know where to turn for help with purchases from framework agreements, but on this page you will find a list.

Coffee, breakfast and snacks

Any purchases that aren´t done by catering should be ordered from Mathem.We need at least 4 days in advance when ordering as MatHem does not deliver every day of the week.
For more information on how to proceed: Orders from Mathem

Catering, anniversaries and courtship

To guarantee delivery for everyday catering, we need your order 5 days in advance, due to changed routines when ordering and the suppliers' wishes. For more information on how to proceed, click on the links below:


To be able to plan a successful event, the event planning need to start well in advance, so that you feel safe and the participants get the most out of the event. For more information on how to proceed, click on the links below:

Postal services, packages and delivery services

For help with delivery services, postal services or packages. The goods reception can help you order your shipment but they will need the following information.
For more information on how to proceed: Delivery services

IT products and sofware

KTH has several well-known software agreements with large discounts.
Instructions and a list can be found here: Software Procurement
If you need support when purchasing licenses, IT can help you at
When purchasing other IT products, contact your nearest IT contact person: IT Support


Literature from Bokus and Adlibris is available in KTH's purchasing system WISUM.
Use WISUM and go to Books, create a shopping cart and then send it to the buyer who you can choose at the time of ordering. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to buy E-books.

WISUM - Literature

Printing services

If you need help preparing a presentation, developing new communication material or taking new photos, you can contact the communication unit at CBH school. Use WISUM and go to Printed material, create a shopping cart and then send it to Åsa Karsberg, Jon Lindhe or Leena Höijer.

For more information: ​​​​​​​Presentation material  or contact​​​

WISUM Printed material

Office Supplies and Cleaning & Hygiene

Office supplies (general) - purchased from Lyreco Advantage Sweden AB (formerly Staples). Use WISUM and go to Office Supplies or Cleaning & hygiene products to get to each company's punchout. There you should create a shopping cart and send the cart to Fredrik Svensson .

Cleaning & hygiene products - purchased according to ranking:

1. Procurator Sverige AB

2. Lyreco Advantage Sweden AB

WISUM - Office supplies

Fruit at the workplace

Every unit or department have a contact person responsible for the fruit deliveries.

Fruit for the workplace


Appliances are purchased from Hela Köket Hornsgatan. Use WISUM and go under Appliances. Smaller kitchen equipment such as microwaves and coffee machines are found in WISUM. Create a shopping cart and send to Mikael Öhlander Kjaernes . For larger products such as refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers, contact Mikael with what you need.

Furnitures and small inventory (07 - Inredning för universitetsmiljöer)

In Wisum there is "KTH standard workplace" with different subgroups such as Work tables, Work chairs, table lamps etc. create a shopping cart and send to Mikael Öhlander Kjaernes . For other products contact Mikael with information about what you want to buy and he will contact the supplier for a quote and help with the order. For small orders, we have IKEA. IKEA – send your Wisum shopping cart to Mikael Öhlander Kjaernes

Furnishings for laboratories

If you need to get new furnishings for laboratories and chairs for laboratories, you should contact Mikael Öhlander Kjaernes ( )


Send your Wisum shopping cart to Peter Hansson( )