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Summary of the All employee meeting

10 February

Head of School Sonja Berlijn. Photo: Susanne Kronholm
Published Feb 15, 2022

Did you miss AEM on 10 February? Don't worry, here comes the summary and the presentation. Sonja Berlijn talked about safety, the health survey, the operational plan and reflections around 2021.

The spring semester's first All employee meeting was broadcast from the kitchen at Teknikringen 33, with people on-site and via Zoom. From 8:00, there was coffee with cinnamon buns for those who could stop by.

Sonja, live from Teknikringen 33

Sonja started with practical information. She urged everyone to enter KTH's emergency number on the mobile and learn which number to call. Have you not done so yet? Please do it now!

She also reminded us of necessary precautions, such as not letting strangers into our premises and not clicking on unknown links in e-mails.

EECS Health check-up

Between 1 February and 31 May, KTH employees can do a health examination. You have received an e-mail about how to make an appointment. Contact HR if you have questions at

Development dialogue

Sonja also reminded that it is soon time for this year's development dialgoues.

Reflections and highlights 2021

Sonja also reflected on last year. She mentioned, for example, the RAE (Research Assessment Exercise), the PDC Center for High Performance Computing's inauguration of the supercomputer Dardel and some of the events the school has arranged.

Figures 2021

Sonja presented the school's financial results, and numbers on how many have graduated from EECS in the past years. Did you know that in 2021, more people graduated at all levels than in the previous two years? You can see all the numbers in the presentation.

Sick leave and incidents 2021

Sonja presented the school's sick leave and incident statistics for 2021 compared with previous years. You can see all the numbers in the presentation.

The Operational plan 2022

Sonja presented this year's Operational plan (VP) for the school which includes the president's assignment and the school's prioritised activities. This includes Kista - the next step, follow-up of the employee survey and a pilot project for a budget and forecasting tool.

You can read more in the presentation. Later in February, there will also be a blog post from Sonja about the VP.

Staff changes

Sonja informed about staff changes in the professional support management and in IT. You can see what applies in the presentation.


Sonja ended the meeting by congratulating two of the school's employees, Madeline Balaam  and Mark Smith , who received the President's equality and diversity prize and KTH's pedagogical prize. Congratulations, Madeline and Mark! Articles about the awards winners will come later this spring in connection with the award ceremony. Keep an eye on the intranet and in the newsletter.

Next AEM 10 March – save the date

The next AEM is on 10 March. The school calendar is updated with all the spring term AEM. The dates are:

Have coffee with Sonja

If the pandemic allows, Sonja will continue to broadcast AEM from the school's premises with the opportunity to have coffee together between 8:00–8:45. You can choose between participating on-site or digitally. Information about the place will be posted in the school's calendar and communicated in the newsletter pEECS and Slack.

Contribute to the agenda

Contact  if you have suggestions for content for future AEM's. If you want to submit anonymous questions, use this form .