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Visitors and guests

When you invite a guest there are several things to consider and actions to take. Keep in mind to contact us in good time, preferably five days before your guest's arrival.

Preparations before inviting the guest 

Contact us in time

Please keep in mind to contact us ahead of time, preferably five days before your guest's arrival.

Depending on how long the guest will stay, what the purpose of the visit is and the nationality of the guest, there will be some documentation and approvals that need to be in place before the visit.

Before inviting a guest (except for day visits and for standardized visits such as opponents for doctoral defenses, interviews, etc.), please contact the HR person in your department support team  to make sure the right documentation is in place.

Travel and accommodation for guest

How to proceed to book travel and accommodation for your guest.

Access card, key and guest wifi

Once you have invited a visitor to EECS, please order access card, key and other practicalities through the Service Center:

  1. Fill out the guest form below
  2. Service Center will get the necessary approval 
  3. The card is then collected by the guest at KTH Entré , whereas key and guest wifi are collected from one our Service Centers .