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Purchases and procurement

KTH is a government body. Everyone at KTH who makes a purchase needs to know what rules apply.

​ Do you have questions or need help regarding purchases, please email ​

Process map

Purchase of a product or service 

Follow these steps:

  1. Check if the product is available in WISUM . All KTH employees should be able to log in to WISUM. Contact us  if you cannot. If the product is available in WISUM you add it to your shopping cart and send it to *EECS Servicecenter (För inköpsuppdrag)
    Make sure you add the invoice reference "sakattest" of the person who will approve this purchase.
  2. If the product is not available in WISUM , look up a price quote on three suppliers where the product may be bought. You then fill out the form at the bottom if this page. Service Center will check this request with the financial approver and then finalise the purchase.

Framework agreement database

If you are interested in seeing which companies KTH has a framework agreement with, you can find it in KTH's framework agreement database  (NB: in Swedish).

Direct procurement

If the product or service you require is not available in any framework agreement, we have to make a direct procurement. This procedure depends on the amount of the product. We will help you through this process.

Credit/purchase cards

EECS recomend that you use a FUP-card for payments that require a credit card. They may be used in service as well as for private mathers. Read more about them here  and if you wish to apply for a card you can do so here .

The purchase team have credit cards that may be used for smaller payments, invoice is however always preferable. Please contact us well in advance if you'd like to use the card for a payment to make an appointment. We need approval by the project manager before we can issue the payment. 

Contact us on  if you'd like to use the card.