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Deadline September 10 to apply for promotion

Published Sep 11, 2020

Below you will find important deadlines to apply for promotion at ITM.

Application periods

Promotion from assistant professor to associate professor

There are three application periods per year to apply for promotion to associate professor:

  • January 31st
  • April 30th
  • September 30th.

In order to apply in:

  • January the deadline to notify FFFA 10th of September
  • April the deadline to notify FFA 1st of December.

Promotion from associate professor to professor

It is only possible to apply for promotion to professor once a year and the deadline for next year’s application period is on the 31st of January. Please see below for internal deadlines for those candidates who want to apply next year.

  • September 15 - the institutions must have submitted a list to FFA of people who will apply.
  • October 15 - the list of applicant candidates that the school supports must be completed (meeting takes place before).
  • December 1- letter of recommendation should be ready.
  • January 10 - completed application submitted to HR.
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Last changed: Sep 11, 2020